2 January 2007

Les Nuits etc...

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, "Les Nuits Masquees" literally means "The Masked Nights".

Of course, I could have written, "The Masked Nights" but it sounds so much prettier in French.

Hopefully, it should conjure up all sorts of sinful, clandestine visions...
Stone colonnades under the glow of a shameless moon, heaving breasts in tight stringy corsets, voluptuous skin that panders to daring decolletages, red lipped beauties whispering unlady things from behind their black velvet dominos, forbidden games, sinister violin tunes in the background...mystery...secrets...that sort of thing.

Theoretically anyway.

Hopefully my blog name will serve its purpose and you'll end up thinking that I'm a little sultry, a little dark. Maybe a little bit mysterious (a touch of mystery is always good).
This blog name will lend every single one of my posts, no matter how benign, with some imagined double meaning that you'll not doubt ponder over for many hours while you try to figure out what I look like behind my mask.

I have a penchant for drama. I'll try not to disappoint.


Reuben said...

*gasp*. ooo. rude!

I'm telling... someone who will like this as much a me :)

Lindsay said...

Oh dear.... naughty... cold shower time.

Yes, oh twisted monkey brain of mine, the big word induced turnon has been acknowledged... now back in your box, feind!

Less Nuts Mashee.. you are evil!