18 January 2007

An Ordinary Day

It was Thursday.
My writing day.

It began at 7:30 with the promise of delivery. After several days of intense role play and mental rumination on each of the characters, I could feel the bulk of several pages ripening at the tip of my left and right frontal lobes. Ready for the plucking. I had to lay its juicy core down on disk before its essence eluded me.

So I sat down in front of my computer to write.

At first I played around with the timeline of the story which spans several years, re-arranging the dates etc... Then did some research to ascertain certain events around those dates.
Looked at my word count. No changes.
You know when you have a lump in your throat and want to spit out something and can't? That's what I felt like.
It was there, begging to be plucked but the brain to keyboard conductor just didn't work properly.

The phone rang, breaking the silence with its obnoxious tone.
(Anxious mental reckoning while the phone is ringing)
Who could be calling me????
I don't have friends who ring??
No one rings me at this hour!
It's just not a done thing...
I ignored it.
Anyway, I knew it was a telemarketer. You see I NEVER answer the phone. Well except when I have a premonition that someone who I actually know is ringing me.
But usually I can sense the salesperson's breath on the other end of the network.
So I ignored the phone. (This was to happen again later in the afternoon by the way. Who the hell do they think they are???)

Around 10:30 I grew hungry. I went to the fridge.
Kit Kat and Diet Coke break. Hmmm... I'm hooked on Kit Kat.

Then, it happened.
I don't know if it was the pleasure of eating the Kit Kat or the caffeine boost but I was swept away. I ended up writing without a break for 11 pages straight until 12:45pm. Not bad.

So then I went out to stretch my legs.
Around 3pm, came back home and felt like surfing the net.
I read about the slave trade, what else. (What could be a more obvious topic for spending one's afternoon?)
And, loyal to my uncanny ability to jump from one subject to another, I then went on to read about Kashgar which the Hans have now baptised Kashi.
I surfed and surfed and viewed some truly neat photos of Kashgar Sunday Market where the Uyghurs and Khazaks parade in multicolored costumes selling their wares. Strange, those Uyghurs (pronounced We-Gar) actually look like me!
I mean, yeah, when you consider it, same type of ethnic mixture...
I could pass for a Uyghur! Fancy that.
That amazing ethnic exploration took most of the remainder of my afternoon.

4:30 already???

I got up and decided to cook Tuna Mornay.
Quick look in the kitchen to ascertain the situation.
Tuna? Check.
Corn? Check.
Onion? One purple onion but that will do. Check.
Cheese? Check.
Pasta. Check. Ok.
Started to indulge in the joys of cooking.
No Milk...

Went out to the night owl to buy milk.
Returned home.

The phone rang. This time it was Jason, so I naturally picked up the phone. Geez,look at me! I'm a psychic pro!

Had a major corporate gossip while cooking.

Ate dinner.

I skipped along to the bathroom where I remained for 1 whole hour while listening to Enigma's A Posteriori. Fell in a delicious trance during the salacious "Dancing With Mephisto", which happens to be track number 4.
And to top it off, I had a quick fantasy about being world famous while under the shower. Woohoo!!!

And then it was time for buying groceries.
A most uneventful day I'm afraid...

But I did manage to write so Vive moi!

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